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Home Pest Control

Home Pest Control

Signature Program: (covers ALL insects on/in structure except Bedbugs)

  • Ongoing warranty (pest control on call)
  • Discount of 10% on non-covered pests
  • Limited WDI (wood destroying insect) report as per WSDA (Washington St. Dept. of Agriculture)
  • Exterior treatment of lower perimeter foundation, shrubs and bushes around foundation, decks, around windows & doors, under eaves (under 20 feet)
  • Interior treatment as needed per technicians evaluation
  • Control can take up to 30 days


Protect your home.
A pest infestation can compromise your health and peace of mind. It can also cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Rats and mice ruin insulation and chew through electrical wires, carpenter ants destroy wood in your home, and hornets & wasps compromise the safety of you and your loved ones. Our technicians are familiar with these problems and are experts at solving them effectively, quickly, and safely. Call us today, and see why we've had satisfied customers since 1969.

Peace of mind.
Having a safe home is having peace of mind. When you have our pest protection service your home is safe from pests. Safe from rats, mice, carpenter ants, spiders, and all of those creepy crawly things that don't belong in your house.

The Best Protection is Prevention
Preventing a pest problem is much easier than getting rid of an existing one. An unnoticed pest problem can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs and compromise the safety of you and your loved ones. A maintained protective barrier around your home can save you money and headaches. Call us today on getting your home protected.

Why Choose us? See why we have been a trusted pest control company in Seattle for over 41 years.



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"They are my regular pest control company. It’s been an excellent experience. "

- Bill H., Kirkland, WA