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Corey Geary

Operations Manager
Corey Geary - Operations Manager

Corey was born and raised in the Puget Sound area, so he's a true Seattle-area native! Before coming to Eastside in 2013, Corey worked as a residential framer for 11 years. His experience in this area really gives him great insight into how to protect homes after they are built and how to seal any framing errors that are allowing pests to find their way in. 

If he's not in the office, you can find Corey spending time with his two girls. From going on walks, watching TV, to visiting local parks, he enjoys watching his children grow and have fun. In his downtime, he also loves to watch a good sci-fi movie or play some video games. 

His favorite part about working at Eastside is the people. He loves that Eastside has a strong company culture that creates an environment where everyone has a say in processes and no one is afraid to suggest an idea or have a healthy debate about any subject. This ability to speak openly and feel as if you're heard goes a long way in strengthening relationships throughout the company— and, ultimately, gives the customer a better experience!