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Deanna Townsend

Deanna Townsend - President

Deanna is a true Northwest native! She was born and raised in the Washington area, currently residing in Snohomish. Deanna has been with Eastside Exterminators since 1988 and says her education is from the great “school of hard knocks”. She believes in one thing: solve the customer’s problem!

In her spare time, Deanna loves anything outdoors. From golfing, camping, and hiking, to traveling the United States and other different vacation destinations, Deanna can be found enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer! If she's not outside, she's hanging out with her bowling team

Her favorite part of working at Eastside is the rodent program— a program that’s been built on blood, sweat, and tears! She has a passion for finding and figuring out how rodents are getting into structures. Deanna loves the feeling she gets when she figures it out!