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Ant Control for Home and Yard Ants

ant control

Moisture Ant damaged behind exterior siding

For many types of ant colonies, it’s all about conquering the queen!

While ants, in general, are a nuisance, certain ants require a Pest Management Professional (PMP) who understands which combination of products and methods to use for specifics of the infestation.

We provide ant control services for the following ants:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Moisture ants
  • Odorous house ants (Sugar ants)
  • Pavement ants (Sidewalk ants, Cement ants)
  • Thatch ants

Our Pest Management Professionals eliminate the ant problems and will also suggest for non-chemical based tactics for prevention for each type of ant colony.

Contact Eastside Exterminators for ant control services. Having been in business since 1969, we understand how to get rid of ants with our professional ant control services.




Experienced Ant Exterminator – Family-Owned & Operated Since 1969

Ant control

There are more than 700 ant species located in the United States of which approximately 25 species commonly infest homes.

Successful ant control depends on having the knowledge to properly identify the ants involved and the experience to safely and effectively determine the best course of action.

We are a family-owned and operated pest control company that has been in business since 1969. Through the years we have built a time-honored reputation for pest protection services of all kinds, including ant control.

We recommend calling a Pest Management Professional to handle your ant control needs. When non-trained individuals treat certain types of ants, their treatment often leads to a worsening of the problem as the ant colony responds to the treatment.

Call us for ant control services and to learn more about ant prevention and control.

Ant Removal and Control for All Types of Ants

Almost everyone has had to deal with ants of some type and sometimes the sheer numbers of them can be overwhelming!

Your strategy for ant control should consist of calling a Pest Management Professional who is trained and skilled in ant control because getting rid of ants requires more than a simple cleaning of the ant infested area.

We have professionally trained and licensed technicians who will:

  • Inspect your home;
  • Identify the ant species;
  • Recommend a course of ant control treatment.

We can also establish a pest control service plan so that you can avoid the house guest that no one wants!

Call on Eastside Exterminators for ant control services. With our many years of experience as an ant exterminator, we know how to get rid of ants! 425-482-2101