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Eastside Exterminators is Growing

Eastside Exterminators and Insulation has been steadily growing over the past 10 years and now employs over 75 people.  We are constantly looking for new talent in the following fields.

  • Pest Control Technicians
  • Rodent Exclusion Technicians
  • Insulation Technicians
  • Call Center Reps

If you live in the Seattle Metro area and want to work for an exciting and forward thinking company, please call  425-482-2101


Rats Popping Up in Seattle

A rat infestation in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle has residents asking what can be done to prevent the problem from getting worse.  Health inspectors say there is an influx of complaints about rats in the area.  Local news team, Kiro 7, counted 17 rats running into a building within one minute.

Rats in Seattle’s sewer system has been an ongoing problem, with an average of about 80 complaints a year of residents finding rats in their toilet.

If you’re a Seattle resident, here are some things you can do to keep rats away from your home:

Keep food sources inside-avoid keeping pet food outside.

Keep trash in your trash can – avoid having garbage bags on the ground.

Trim trees and shrubs away from you home.

Clean up clutter and debris around you home.

If you have a rat or mice problem, call Eastside Exterminators 425-482-2101.


Eastside Exterminators Brings Pest Control Tactics To Seattle Home Show

If you missed Eastside Exterminators last month at the Seattle Home Show, not to worry, you can see photos of our awesome display here. Among all the information about pest control were fun and informative displays showing rodent activity.  Over the years, Eastside Exterminators become an authority of rat and mice extermination, using techniques that have proven effectiveness.  In fact, many of our competitors have tried to copy our process.  What can we say, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

As funny as some of the rat displays were, a rodent issue can be a very serious matter.  Aside from posing health issues, they can cost literally thousands of dollars in damage to your crawl space and attic.  They chew through air ducts and soil insulation with their urine and excrement.  Rodent have become a huge pest problem in Seattle, because the conditions of our area are conducive to their livelihood.  The green belts and natural areas that we enjoy here in the Pacific Northwest are breeding grounds for rats and mice. And as Seattle is constantly developing and growing, rodents are seeking refuge in neighborhoods where they can thrive.

If you or someone you know is having rodent issues, give us a call, and find out why we’ve been Seattle’s trusted pest control company since 1969

Roast Opossum Recipe

Roast Opossum

1 opossum1 onion, chopped
1 tablespoon fat
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 hard-boiled egg, chopped
1 teaspoon salt water

Rub opossum with salt and pepper.  Brown onion in fat and add opossum liver and cook until tender, add breadcrumbs, Worcestershire sauce, egg, salt and water.  Mix thoroughly and stuff possum, can  Truss like a fowl. Put in roaster with bacon across back and pour about a quart of water into the can.  You can add sweet potatoes to pot if desired.  Roast uncovered in 350 degree oven about 2 1/2 hours or until tender.  Enjoy!


Pest Control in Seattle

If you live in Seattle, you’ve probably dealt with one type of pest or another.  And I don’t mean the person that  was tailgating you on the way to work this morning.  I mean those creepy crawly, and sometimes furry creatures.  With it’s abundant flora and fauna, it’s no surprise that Seattle has a variety of insects and critters – Critters that can quickly become a pest control issue for a homeowner.  The Puget Sound area is home to all types of insects and animals that can become pests: rats, mice, bed bugs, carpenter ants, sugar ants, raccoons, cockroaches, silverfish, and even squirrels.  All of these can cause big problems for business owners and homeowners.  And while there are many pest control products available for the general public to buy, it’s often hard to know which is the best product and which is the best method.  Most pest control issues involve many different factors, and all factors need to be examined in order to effectively solve the problem.


In many cases, simply treating an area with insecticides is not enough.  The conditions leading to the infestation should be examined and eliminated if possible.  This is the concept behind integrated pest management or IPM.  IPM is an more environmentally responsible approach to pest control as it minimizes the use of insecticides.  Instead conducive conditions are examined and eliminated where possible.  Seattle prides itself on being a environmentally conscious city and this type of pest control is embraced.

Trying to solve a pest control issue usually results in one of two things.  Doing it yourself or hiring a professional to get rid of pests for you.

If you’re trying to find a company to do pest control in Seattle, it can be a daunting task.  There are many pest control companies in Seattle and knowing which one to pick can be overwhelming.  A few things to consider are as follows:

  • How long has the company been in business?
  • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Does their work come with a warrantee?
  • Do they have good reviews online?
  • And last, but not least, are they competitively priced?

In many cases hiring a professional pest control company is necessary as they have access to certain products that are just not available to the public.  Depending on the pest and the extremity of the situation, hiring a pro may be your best bet.  For example, Seattle is heavily populated with carpenter ants.  There is a very effective product for getting rid of carpenter ants, but state law requires that only licensed pest control operators can administer this product.  If you have a carpenter ant colony inside your home or building, hiring a professional may be necessary to solve the problem.

If you do choose to go the “do it yourself” route, there are a few stores where you can purchase professional grade pest control supplies.  When looking for a place to buy products for pest control in Seattle, it is sometimes more effective to go to a store that specializes in pest control products.  These stores tend to carry much better products than the ones that you would find in a hardware store.  Not all pest control products are created equal.


Carpenter Ants – When to call a Pest Control Company

If you live in the greater Seattle area there’s a good chance you’ve seen carpenter ants around your home or office.  Carpenter ants are big black ants and are a wood destroying organism.  This means that they can do considerable damage to the structural integrity of your home.  While seeing them outside your home isn’t necessarily a need to panic, if they establish a satellite colony inside your house it could mean trouble.  Keeping your house or building safe from carpenter ants can be as easy as treating the exterior of the structure every 2 months with a perimeter spray.  There are several products available to the public which work wonderfully for this. Suspend SC is one of these products.  Applied with a sprayer to the outside of your home or building it can protect your home from carpenter ants as well as many other insects.  However, if a carpenter ant colony has been established within your home it can be much more difficult to get rid of them.  Carpenter ants can establish satellite colonies in wall voids, crawl spaces and other hard places to find within a building.  If an ant colony has been established in your home,  spraying the areas where they are seen will have limited results.  In this situation, it is most effective to hire a professional exterminator, and here’s why.  Treating areas inside your home with insecticides will kill some of the ants but will not eliminate the colony.  In the past, exterminators would use a drill and inject treatment to make contact with an ant colony.  Today, this invasive type of treatment is not necessary. The product can be used as a transferable liquid suspension product which uses the activity of the ants to infect the nest or colony.  This makes it unnecessary to drill and inject insecticides to reach the colony. Locating an ant colony within a structure can be very difficult and using a transfer insecticide makes this task much easier.  It is also much more effective because it uses the activity of the ants to do the work.  If you need a qualified pest control company in Seattle call Eastside Exterminators for a free ant estimate.  Call today! 425-482-2101


How Rodents Damage Homes

If you have ever had a rat problem, you know that rats and mice can cause all kinds of damage to your house or building.  They nest in your insulation, chew through your wires, and chew holes in all sorts of places.  Deanna Townsend, co owner of Eastside Exterminators and head rodent guru, put together this gallery of pictures she photographed.  All are of common places rodents use to gain entry to a house and the damage they can do

Oct 4


Are bed bug dogs an unnecessary gimmick?

Yes. At least according to an experienced local pest control technician who specializes in bed bug treatment.

There has been a lot of hype about bed bugs in the media this past year. Bed bugs in movie theaters, bed bugs in Victoria’s Secret stores, bed bugs taking over the country. While it’s true that the number of bed bug infested residences has gone up in the U.S. there are still some questionable arguments on effectively treating them.

Bed bug sniffing dogs are all the rage lately and many pest control companies are advertising their bug smelling hounds. But according to one seasoned pest control technician I spoke with recently, Bed bug sniffing dogs are just an unnecessary gimmick. “What people need to realize,” says Rob MacGinnitie,” is that by the time a dog can detect bed bugs, the infestation is pretty extreme. And once a dog does detect bed bugs it needs to be verified by the technician with physical evidence.” This type of evidence is exactly what Rob looks for on his initial visit for a bed bug inspection. Tiny blood spots on the sheets or matress, and small cream colored eggs are signs of an infestation. “These dogs are unnecessary and just a gimmick,” he says.

For more information about bed bugs or to see what bed bug bites look like visit Eastside Exterminators Bed bugs inform

ation page.


Not all rodents are bad

If your seeing rodents around your house and they’re not as cute as these guys, give us a call. 425-482-2101


5 tips for traveling & staying bed bug free

1. Choose a bed bug free Hotel

You can go online and see if the hotel you want to stay at has had any bed bug complaints or history of bed bug activity. Two of the best sites for this is trip advisor andthe bedbug registry.

2. Examine Your Mattress

Inspect the mattress by removing the sheets and carefully examining the seams. You’re not only looking for live bed bugs but also evidence of bedbugs which includes blood spots, fecal matter, and eggs. (See our bed bug pictures). You should also examine the headboard and bed frame as well as any nearby furniture.

3. Don’t store your luggage close to the bed

Bed bugs stay close to the location of their sleeping hosts; more specifically, the bed. Store your bags in the closet or even the bathroom. This will help prevent any unwanted stowaways when you travel home.

4. Keep laundry Separate

Store dirty laundry and any clothes you wear in your hotel room in plastic bags. If the clothes you wore did happen to come in contact with bed bugs, they will be separate from everything else, and they can be washed in hot water when you return.

5. Do the Laundry

When you return home, wash and dry all of your dirty laundry. If you can use, the hottest setting . Clean clothes can be run through the dryer on the hottest setting. One final precaution you can take when you return is treating your suitcase with a pesticide. We recommend JT Eaton bed bug luggage spray.

If you think you have bed bugs, this local Seattle pest control company provides free estimates, and effective bed bug treatments.