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Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control – Don’t Let Pests Hurt Your Business

Commercial Pest Control

The combination of pest infestation and levied fines against your business is something no one wants to experience!

Not only can the bottom line be affected by the presence of pests in a commercial facility, but the health and well-being can pose a serious risk to employees in the absence of commercial pest control service.

The value is priceless in working with a pest control company that is licensed, bonded and insured.

Most commercial facilities have a zero tolerance for pests, especially medical facilities, schools, offices and food processing plants. You will have peace of mind with our quality pest control service and a customized plan to eliminate the source of the problem.

Call Eastside Exterminators to assess your commercial property and design a customized plan for commercial pest control service to protect your building, company reputation and employees.

Why you need pest control for your business

Commercial Pest ControlThere is great value in engaging a commercial pest control service to customize an effective plan that will protect your employees and the public from pests.

The public is fickle about pests and rodents, and just one pest-related complaint can result in potential fines from state and federal inspection agencies that could be prevented with our commercial pest control service plan.

Your reputation may be tarnished, placing a financial burden on your business. Working with our commercial pest control service to establish a prevention program for your business is priceless.

With our commercial pest control service our Commercial Protection Plan, we can provide:

  • Discreet commercial pest control service
  • Protection and prevention with our customized commercial pest control service
  • Exceptional Service by licensed, trained and experienced technicians
  • Long-term experience family-owned commercial pest control service


Why Choose Us for Pest Control Service

Commercial pest control

Commercial facilities are susceptible to an occasional pest invasion. In the absence of a pest control service, it can escalate into an uncontrollable infestation.

We highly recommend a proactive plan with our commercial pest control service to minimize opportunities for an infestation.

These are some reasons to choose us for all your pest control services:

  • Reduced risk of damaged reputation
  • Avoidance of significant monetary loss to your business
  • Regular monitoring and inspections by experienced technicians
  • Exclusion methods plan as part of our pest control service


The reputation of your business may depend on protection and prevention that is the basis of our commercial pest control service. Call Eastside Exterminators today! 425-482-2101