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Keep Your Home Safe with Crawl Space Cleaning Services

When your crawl space is left cluttered and moist, rodents take advantage and build nests. Fortunately, Eastside provides crawl space cleaning in Seattle that will solve these problems. Our expert contractors will get rid of debris and any damaged insulation, and sanitize the area to ensure your home is clean and safe for your family. 

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Crawl Space Cleaning in Seattle

An Eastside team member cleaning out the crawl space insulation.

Most homeowners want to have as little to do with their musty crawl spaces as possible, let alone enter them. Crawl spaces that are ignored provide prime conditions for dust mites and airborne mold spores to grow, potentially causing allergic reactions in your family and children. Additionally, leaving your crawl spaces to languish may cause metal to rust and structural wood to rot.

Our Crawl Space Cleaning Service

Our expert technicians conduct crawl space cleaning services that get rid of debris and any damaged insulation. Furthermore, we sanitize these areas to return them to a state that is clean and safe for your family. With that done, you’ll be ready to follow up with other work such as insulation installation services.

The specific crawl space cleaning and repair services that Eastside offers include:

  • Removal of unwanted debris.
  • Clearing mold build-up.
  • Decontamination of insulation.
  • Provision of water drainage systems and waterproof materials.
  • Sealing or reattaching faulty pipes and heat cuts.
  • Replacing or fixing vent screens, doors, and wells.
  • Repairing construction flaws in the rim joists and foundation.
  • Installing a vapor barrier to maintain a dry floor.
  • Sump pump installation where required.

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How Rodents Can Damage Your Crawl Space

Frequently, the damp conditions in these areas are an open invitation for rats and mice to infest a home. If they have access to water, they thrive. And because these areas are conducive to water entry and even flooding, there is usually a collection of debris. Rodents can use that debris to build nests if they get inside. And in extreme cases, there can be evidence of structural rotting in crawl spaces. Such rotting itself provides safe harbor for various pests and can be exacerbated by their presence.

Trust in 50+ Years of Experience

If you’re looking for professional crawl space cleaning services, look no further than Eastside. We’ve been family-owned-and-operated since our beginning in 1969, which is why you can expect we’ll always treat you like family.

We service the following areas:

  • Seattle 
  • Arlington 
  • Auburn
  • Bellevue
  • Bothell 
  • Covington
  • Duvall
  • Everett 
  • Fall City
  • Federal Way
  • Issaquah 
  • Kenmore
  • Kent
  • Kirkland 
  • Lake Stevens 
  • Lynnwood
  • Marysville
  • Mercer Island 
  • Mill Creek
  • Monroe 
  • North Bend
  • Redmond
  • Renton
  • Sammamish 
  • SeaTac
  • Shoreline
  • Snohomish 
  • Snoqualmie
  • Woodinville
  • And more​

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