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Effective Raccoon Removal


Raccoon Removal: Getting to Know Raccoons

A raccoon eating out of a home bird feeder Raccoons are known to be very intelligent and fearless animals. However due to their stubborn behavior and nocturnal nature they are considered as pests by humans. Raccoons can damage your gardens and they can even make a big mess in search of food. Removing raccoons can be a dangerous business. A company that offers effective raccoon removal services can also provide crawlspace cleanup services for any damages that occurred to your home.

Raccoon Behavior

Raccoons are mischievous by nature and they will go to any length in search of food.  The favorite places of raccoons are hollow trees and logs of trees near the lakes and rivers. As these animals are fearless they do not hesitate to enter the area of humans in search of food and shelter. These animals can also use the existing structure of your house to make a den for themselves.

Raccoon Eating Habits

Raccoons are omnivores, which means that they both plants and animals. They eat seeds, nuts, grains and fruits.  They also eat animals such as fish, frogs, snails, mice, snakes.  Raccoons also like to eat stuff out of the garbage cans and if you happen to leave pet food out, they will eat it.

Removing Raccoons from your Place

If you want to remove raccoons you need to apply effective raccoon control methods without losing any time.  You should not be careless in dealing with these animals as once they enter your home they can be a big nuisance for you. Here we will discuss some of the most effective raccoon removal methods.

Remove Water and Food

Raccoon searching the contents of a gutter on top of a roof Raccoons can enter your home in search of food and for that you need to be very careful.  You should not leave any type of food which might attract these animals. Ideally you should remove trash and protect the garbage bins. You should always try to clean the fruits, nuts and bird seeds that have fallen in your yard. If you see that there is any leftover food and drink you should clean it as well.

Identify Areas of Damage

If you are able to figure out that where your raccoon is spending its maximum time it will give you the right idea of implementing the right method to control its entrance. You can find raccoons in your attic, eating the crops, feeding on your bird feed, stealing fish from the pond and living freely in your porch. A careful wildlife inspection of your home by a professional pest control company will reveal where the raccoon is most active and how they are gaining access into your home. Once you determine the raccoon behavior, removing raccoons is much easier.

Raccoon Removal: Live Raccoon Trap

You can use a live raccoon trap which will help you to manually get rid of a raccoon living inside your home. You need to get a large sized trap for raccoons due to their big size. These traps are very easy to use and anyone can handle them.  There are many things which you should take into consideration while putting a live trap.

  • Always wear gloves and place your trap in a proper position.A raccoon captured and being relocated via cage
  • Properly bait your trap so that the raccoon enters the trap and also steps on the trigger plate which will make things easier for you.
  • You should set your trap and check it on a regular basis. If you happen to catch one try to release it at a safe place.​

Raccoon Repellents

You should use repellents to keep them away from objects and surfaces. You can either spray liquid repellents on trash cans and bird feeders or you can put granular repellents to block their entries to specific areas.

Electronic Repellents

You can use electronic repellents which can be helpful to frighten raccoons and they can be sent out of your area.  It is best to use electronic water sprinklers as they will not only protect your plants but will also keep raccoons at bay.


You can use an electric fence to prevent raccoons from entering your home. This method is considered to be one of the best control methods. Raccoons can dig under and also climb over due to which electric fencing plays an important role in keeping away this intelligent animal.

Tips for Effective Raccoon Removal

  • You should use various raccoon control methods which will give you the most effective defense against raccoons.
  • Wash all trash bins on a regular basis so that there is no smell that can attract raccoons.
  • If you leave water and food in your yard or lawn it can attract wildlife. You should try to keep areas around your house clean and tidy.
  • Before you start to use live trap for your raccoon you should know about trapping and relocating laws.

You should try to get assistance removing raccoons from professional pest control and wildlife control services. Hire the professionals with the right equipment and protection to get rid of raccoons in your home. The best part is that there are many pest control services in Seattle that can be of great help to you in raccoon removal.


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