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Flea Control – How to Keep Your Home Flea Free!


No one wants to deal with fleas, but once they’re carried into your home, it is difficult to get rid of them!

Fleas are actually parasites that most frequently feast on the blood of dogs, cats and humans.

When you need flea control services is the perfect time to call one of our Pest Management Professionals who is trained in Flea control.

To minimize flea populations and keep your home flea-free, we recommend:

  • Treatment of all pets by a professional on an ongoing basis.
  • Remove everything from floors except heavy furniture, throw rugs and pet bedding.
  • Pesticide application by our Pest professional flea exterminator.
  • Ongoing preventative treatment of pets and floors.

We provide professional flea control and flea removal services. Call Eastside Exterminators for flea control in your home.

Experienced Flea Exterminator – Family Owned & Operated Since 1969


As a family-owned and operated pest control service since 1969, we have earned a time-honored reputation for our professional services.

Among our many services, we are experienced in flea control. We can tell you that there are dangers associated with living in a house with fleas because they are known to transmit fatal diseases, and at minimum, create allergic reactions for pets and people from their saliva.

These are a few flea-fighting tips:

  • Maintain a well-groomed lawn to prevent hiding spots and food sources.
  • Clean and vacuum your home frequently for flea removal.
  • Call a pest professional service with evidence of rodents on the property.

We recommend the professional services of our flea control experts. Call on our Pest Management Professionals trained to control fleas.


Why Call Us When You Need Flea Removal Services?

We recommend professional flea control if you are itching to get rid of fleas in your home!

Flea infestations can develop quickly and become difficult to control once they have made entry into the home.

Flea-Removal-Seattle-WAThere are benefits in choosing us for flea control in your home:

  • Proactive treatment by your trained and experienced Pest Management Professional.
  • On-going preventative treatment program.
  • Use of eco-friendly products and methods.
  • Cost effective service and competitive pricing.


Fleas, blood-sucking ectoparasites, are common throughout the area. They are found outside during warmer weather and are brought into our living spaces inadvertently by pets or people. They may be brought in from an infested location or from contact with an infested host. Interior infestations  may continue year-round.

By far the most common flea species is the Cat flea – a very small, dark, and wedge-shaped wingless insect. Less commonly found is the Dog flea which is bigger and lighter colored.  While their names suggest their favorite hosts, both will feed on either cats or dogs and on humans. Other kinds of fleas include rat fleas, Human fleas, bird fleas, bat fleas and others.  Cases of these infesting humans are comparatively rare.

Usually, a flea infestation reveals itself when adult fleas from pets start biting people. Biting usually occurs on the lower part of the legs. At any given time, only about 10% of the population consists of adults. The rest of the population are in the egg, larval or pupal stages.  Professional flea control takes this fact into account. A treatment which only kills the adults may provide some temporary relief, but the problem returns as more of adult fleas mature from the larval and pupal stages.

Elimination of an interior population of fleas consists of 1) Treatment of all pets, preferably by a veterinarian or licensed groomer; 2) Preparation of the infested structure prior to treatment so that as few items as possible remain on the soon-to-be treated floor.  Exceptions would be heavy furniture, throw rugs, and pet bedding; 3) Pesticide treatment to all of the floors, carpets, top and bottom of throw rugs, top and bottom of pet bedding and other areas where eggs and larvae may hide; and 4) Ongoing preventative treatment of all of the pets. Products may also be applied to some furniture, and to some areas where the pets spend the most time (other than the floor).

There are many products on the market for treatment of fleas. The most effective is a combination of a standard adulticide to kill the adults that are present and those that emerge from pupae and an IGR (insect growth regulator) to prevent immature fleas from developing into adults. Following treatment, there is a quick reduction in the number of adult fleas present. A small number may still be found for about a month, until 100% control  elimination occurs. The best way to prevent re-infestation would then be to treat the animals regularly as per the veterinarian’s recommendations, and to retreat the floors in the house regularly as well.

Eastside Exterminators is a family-owned and operated pest control service since 1969 providing flea control services and an experienced flea exterminator that can eliminate these pests! Call 425-482-2101.