Our History

Our Family Protecting Families since 1969

Eastside Exterminators was founded in our history1969 as a one-man operation by Ralph James Townsend Jr. Jim wanted to take everything his father taught him about pest control to start his own pest control business.

Ralph Sr., Jim’s father was a pioneer in the pest control industry from the early 1940’s, he was one of the first three people in the state of Washington to be issued a Pest Control license. He was also a pioneer of the industry helping form the Washington State Pest Control Association “WSPCA”, today known as the Washington State Pest Management Association “WSPMA”. We are proud members of this association to educate ourselves on all aspects of our industry.

We take great pride in the health and safety of our employees, customers and our environment. We are also members of several national associations where we learn about the newest technologies, from the best equipment to the latest application methods in the pest world.

our historyJim decided in 2000 it was time to retire and passed on his years of pest control knowledge and expertise to his daughter, Deanna Townsend, who has been with Eastside Exterminators since 1988, and has worked in every aspect of the company. She’s worked in every department from inspecting thousands of homes, running and managing route and route technicians, customer service to the inner workings of operations for the company. She with her business partner, Alex Altizer, took over the company in 2000 when there were 12 employees, and have continuously grown the company since to 80 employees and counting.


In 2008 Deanna and Alex opened a new division of Eastside Exterminators, with a full service Insulation company  called “Eastside Insulation”.  They have become members of the Washington Weatherization Association “WWA” and the National Spray Polyurethane Foam Association “SPFA” to learn all the newest technologies of materials and equipment in the industry.


This means we can help our customers understand the science behind their home. This allows us to teach and educate our customers so they can enjoy a cool summers and warm winters, with no air leaks. This will save them money while we all better our planet and our environment. We can insulate any and all residential or commercial structures, with many types of insulation from spray foam to fiberglass and everything in-between.


our historyWe are a Family here at Eastside, literally from Husbands and Wives, Mothers and Sons, Brothers and Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and Nephews all working together under one roof. We’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly but at the end of the day, we are Family! We take pride in our family and our culture here at Eastside and it shows, our company motto is “Our Family Protecting Families” This means exactly that, we treat you like you’re a part of our family, the Eastside family!



What makes us Different?

Eastside Exterminators is like no other company. We take pride in mastering each aspect of a licensed Pest Technician’s job duties. Let me explain – as you know from reading our history.  We’ve been in the pest management occupation since the early 1940’s and over the years we’ve learned we don’t want to be a jack of all trades and a master of none (as the saying goes), we want to be a master at each specific job duty a Pest Management Professional (PMP) performs. our historyWe’ve taken and split what a traditional pest professional does into four different divisions of our company.

1. A Pest Technician
2. A Rodent Inspector
3. A Rodent Exclusion (Repair) Technician
4. An Insulation Technician

We then tirelessly educated each division about their specific job duty and continually trained them on their specific specialty. We feel so strongly about this division split we built an in-house training facility to continually educate and train our people.


Our Signature Pest Protection Program

Our Signature Pest Protection Program is an every-other-month service that protects you from all of the pests that are common to the Pacific Northwest except Bed Bugs, Rodents and Wildlife. The program is based on Eastside’s knowledge of the pests’ biology and seasonal pest trends, and is designed to offer the most efficient, long-term control while using low-risk methods and materials.

On your initial service your pest technician conducts a limited wood destroying organism (WDO) inspection on the exterior of your home to identify conducive conditions to help prevent future infestations. The exterior of your home includes the perimeter, under eves, around windows and doors, accessible decks and any attached structures.

our historyThese areas will be treated as needed using baits, dust liquid or mechanical measures. A thorough spider sweep removing egg sacs and webs to reduce spider population over time. All visible exterior wasps nests under 20 feet will be removed. Interior treatments will be performed as needed based on our evaluation using the same methods as above. If any of your pests become an issue while you’re on protection service with Eastside, we will return to address the affected areas at no additional cost. All pests are included in our Signature Pest Protection Program except bed bugs, rodents and wildlife.


Our Signature Pest Protection Program Plus

Our Signature Pest Protection Program Plus offers the same great protection as our Signature Program except you are covered for rodents as well. To be qualified for Signature Plus you must first go through our thorough 4-step rodent process. This includes:

1. A full rodent Inspection of your entire home.
2. All recommended exclusion repairs performed by Eastside Exterminator’s exclusive Repair Technicians.
3. Sanitization and decontamination from Eastside’s Insulation Technicians.
4. Regular re-occurring protection service by Eastside.

our history

Once you’ve gone through all 4 steps, we will then set up our protection program to protect your investment. This protection program will include us setting up and maintaining what we call protection stations around our home and property because rodents are always continuing to try and re-enter back into their nesting site (your home). Our protection stations are there to protect your home because at any time rodents ever re-enter your home, you will be completely covered by Eastside. We will take care of your home at no extra charge even if it’s between protection services. This service also includes a one-time check per year to re-inspect the crawl and attic spaces. This plan excludes bed bugs and wildlife.