Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services for Residential and Commercial Structures

pest control services

Here in western Washington, homes and businesses are at risk of infestation by plenty of unsightly and potentially dangerous pests. The chances are that sooner or later, something unwelcome is going to come scuttling into your floor voids and crawlspaces. And when that happens, you’re going to need professional pest control services.

The good news is that Eastside Exterminators provides high-quality pest control services by licensed, bonded, and insured pest management professionals. Our technicians are extensively trained to treat infestations with proven methods that are safe for your family and the environment. The pest control services we offer for homes and business include:

Whatever pest problem you’re having, our service plans are able to fit every budget. Our work is also carries our warranty for as long as you maintain regular pest control services with Eastside Exterminators. Call to learn more at 425-482-2101.

Our Family’s Experience Makes the Difference

At Eastside Exterminators, we’ve been providing pest control services to customers throughout the Greater Seattle Area for almost 50 years. Our family-owned company started right here in western Washington, back in 1969. And the Eastside Exterminators family has only grown bigger and better at what we do ever since.

pest control services

That means you can count on us to provide pest control services that do what we say they will, and to back up our work with years of experience. But that’s not all. We’ve also spent years perfecting our services to make them uniquely effective in three ways. They are:

  1. Guaranteed – If we fail to accomplish everything promised to you in the initial inspection of your property, we’ll come back to finish the work for free.
  2. Proven – Our 4-step process for getting rid of pests covers everything from tracking down the root of an infestation, to helping you keep more out once we’ve gotten rid of it.
  3. Specialized – Every technician involved in removing pests from your property trains deeply in a specific part of the 4-step process, so you get the best service at every step.

So whether you simply need peace of mind, or you are placing your property on the market, we get rid of all kinds of infestations in your home or business. 

We Handle More Than the Usual Bugs and Rodents

pest control services

Dealing with rats and roaches is one thing—but what do you do if a raccoon gets into your attic? Lucky for you, the Eastside Exterminators family brings the same level of expertise to wildlife removal. As well as being licensed pest control operators, our technicians are all licensed by the Department of Fishing & Wildlife. We can safely and humanely clear out anything, from bats to beavers, that’s putting your family or employees at risk. 

The Best Pest Control Services in the Greater Seattle Area

Whether at home or work, leave it to our family to protect your family from the pests, rodents, and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest. Call to schedule our proven, affordable services at 425-482-2101.