Rodent Damage

Rodent Damage


Rodent damaged is caused when rats, mice and wildlife get into and nest inside home and building sub area’s. Rodent Damage comes in many forms, from urine and feces soaked insulation, to gnawed electrical wires, to food contamination, to chewed up furniture and stored goods.  Rats, mice and wildlife get into attic spaces, crawl spaces, walls, and other areas of homes and buildings and cause damage by nesting in the insulation. Rats, mice and wildlife cause home and business owners millions of dollars in damages every day. As exterminators we’re on the front lines of  this rodent damage daily, helping home and business owners repair and clean up all the damage created by rats, mice and wildlife.   

Most Common Items Damaged By Rodents:

  • Insulation- wall, floor, ceiling
  • Drywall/Sheetrock
  • Heat Ducts inside and out
  • Heat Duct Insulation
  • Plastic Vapor Barriers
  • Stored Items/Goods
  • Food Stuff
  • Furniture
  • Wiring
  • Cables
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Carpeting/Flooring
  • Ceiling Tiles

Rodent Damage Caused By Burrowing Rats: 

Very Common here in the Pacific Northwest (rats burrowing under the ground) causing foundations and concrete pier pads to sink, which can then lead to other problems inside the home like, uneven floors, cracked sheetrock, cracked tile, doors that don’t shut correctly etc. Rats also burrow through your wall, floor and ceiling insulation, compressing it down, shredding it, urinating and leaving droppings behind, making it smell horrible this leaves gaps throughout the insulation rendering it useless for it’s intended purpose (to keep the home’s heating and cooling cost under control). This burrowing is so common in this state that most crawl spaces require what is known in the pest world as a (rat slab). This is a 2 to 4 inch concrete slab that gets installed (poured)  over the entire ground floor of the crawl space to stop the rats from burrowing their way under the foundation and entering into the crawl space of the home or building which then leads to wherever the rats want to go in the structure.

Rodent Damage Clean up Is Step 3 of 4 In Our Rodent Proven Process


Our clean up crews are amazing human beings, it takes just the right person to come into this type of environment and work for hours upon hours cleaning up after the destruction created by rats, mice and wildlife. Clean up, sanitation and restoration of the rodent damage is Step 3 of our Proven Rodent Process. Our Insulation Technicians follow a detailed sanitation report created by your rodent inspector during Step 1 the inspection, to restore any areas that have been damaged by the rats, mice or wildlife. Every area will be restored to like new or even better than new condition. Areas of typical rodent damage are:  floor insulation, wall insulation, attic insulation, heat duct insulation, and in some cases the heat ducts themselves need replacement. All of the rodent feces, urine soaked insulation, nesting material, rodent waste, along with any construction debris, old foundation forms, and  garbage. After the removal process our insulation technicians will sanitize and deodorize the infested areas. Once the damaged areas have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized our insulation technicians will install all new insulation material up to Washington State energy codes, and higher like our heat duct wrap code is R-8 we automatically upgrade your heat duct insulation to R-11.

Heat loss due to rodent damaged sub-is caused when the rats and mice get into and nest inside the insulation. In addition to ruining crawl space and attic insulation with their feces and urine, a rodent infestation can cause strong and unpleasant odors throughout your home. Rats and mice often nest and die in heat ducts causing the odor to fill a room or an entire area of the house. Rodents compress, move, and shred insulation as they make their nests in it.