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Luke Overstreet

PMP Co-Manager

Originally born and raised in Southern Oregon, Luke has lived all over Snohomish County over the years. As one of our Pest Management Professionals co-managers, he works day-to-day with our technicians as they complete their daily routes. Luke works with new hires to get all the proper licensing and training in order and helps organize training and continuing education for current PMP technicians. Luke started at Eastside in Facilities before managing that department, then moved over to become a PMP technician himself. He started co-managing the PMP department in November 2020. Luke loves the people at Eastside more than anything.

When outside the office, Luke loves hiking, kayaking, and anything that takes advantage of the beautiful nature around Seattle. But when it's too rainy, he'll stay inside with a good book. He also claims to have "the cutest dog that ever existed" -- his words, not ours!