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Oleg Pikovets

Service Co-Manager
Oleg Pikovets - Service Co-Manager

Oleg has worked at Eastside since February 2015, all across the spectrum of service -- exclusion technician, PMP technician, commercial service technician, commercial service salesperson, and more. He loves working at Eastside because of the people he works with, the amazing work environment, and the ability to help people every single day. He stepped into the role of Service Co-Manager in October 2020, and on a daily basis he helps juggle technician routes, handle customer issues and develop training topics to help the department succeed.

Oleg loves going to the zoo, parks and the beach with his kids, when he's not at work -- or when he's not hanging out with his work family after work! He was born and raised in the Seattle area, so hit him up for some local recommendations.