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Is New Construction in Your Neighborhood Bringing Rodents Into Your Home?

Gray mouse sitting on the floor of a home.

If you live in the Seattle area, then you probably have a construction project happening right now in your neighborhood, which means rodents could be making their way into your area. Seattle is the fastest-growing city in the country, with more building cranes in use than in any other place. Seattle also has the seventh-highest rat activity of anywhere in the U.S. Combine those two factors, and you have a need for rat control in construction around your neighborhood.

Why Do Rodents Enter Your Home?

When a construction project starts, the human residents aren’t the only ones who have to vacate. This drives away any rats and mice in, under, and around the building, and they must look for the nearest warm place to call home. The bigger the project, the more rodents scattering into the surrounding neighborhood. Any construction near your house can bring unwanted critters into your life. Learn what you need to do to avoid rodents making your home theirs.

What is Rodent Abatement?

Most cities around Seattle require rodent abatement of a building before any construction can begin. This simply means contractors must get rid of any rats and mice from the building before they start demolition, so that neighborhood scattering is reduced.

Abatement can significantly reduce rats from invading the surrounding neighborhood, but its main focus is getting rodents out of the construction site. Some critters are bound to be looking for a new home. Not only that, but unscrupulous contractors might skip the abatement process to save time and money. Additionally, not all types of construction projects require abatement permits.

All of these factors lead to needing rat control in your neighborhood. But you can be proactive if there is construction near your home.

How to Protect Your Home From Rodents

If you see a new construction project starting near your home, then it’s time to start protecting your house from rodents. Eastside Exterminators uses a proven four-step process to get rid of rodents and keep them out. Our inspectors will spend hours combing through every crevice of your home, including the crawlspaces and attics you don’t want to go near. A trained technician will create a map of every possible rat entry and exit point in your home. Homeowners receive this map with a detailed report of the inspection, recommendations for future service, and actual rat traps.

If you think rat control might be right for you, then call us today at 425-482-2100 to schedule an inspection. We will make sure any rodents looking for a new home won’t be able to get into yours.

New Construction Shouldn't Mean Rodents for You

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