Rodent Control

Our Rodent Control Program is a 4 Step Process

The Four Steps in our Proven Rodent Process

Step 1 – Rodent Inspection

Eastside Exterminators will find…

Step 2 – Rodent Exclusion and Proofing


Step 3 – Rodent Damage and Clean Up


Step 4 – Rodent Protection


Rats, mice and other wildlife can cause significant damage to a structure. It is vital to establish a customized rodent control program to rid the structure of rodents and prevent them from re-entering the structure. This is the reason a thorough rodent inspection must be completed first to find all the current and potential rodent entry points. Once the inspection is complete this turns into a road map to getting the current population of rodents out of the structure and preventing them from re-entering, through exclusion and protection. 

Our Four Step Process provides a proven method of ridding the rodents from your home and preventing re-infestation. This is a proven process our family created and perfected over the last 48 years. Our family has been in the pest control industry since the early 1940’s with four generations of  knowledge being passed from one generation to the next, we’re currently in our fourth generation of pest control experts. See “Our History” page for our full family story.

We inspect AREAS where other companies don’t. 

We inspect areas where other companies don’t “The roof” Roof access points account for up to half of all rodent entry points on a home. If the roof isn’t inspected the entire rodent process is futile.  Our Rodent Inspectors inspect the roof as a part of our routine inspection process. If it’s not us that inspects your home for rodent entry points be sure to insist the inspector you do have gets on your roof. The major players in the pest industry don’t even carry more than a six foot ladder on their truck. All our inspectors have a minimum of a 20′ ladder. 

After our team of rodent exclusion professional has sealed the rats and mice out of  your home, the next step (step 3) is  sanitation. This is where our Insulation Technicians, with your signed approval) are ready to restore any areas back to original condition that have been damaged by rodents, including:

  • Insulation removal
  • Insulation install
  • Rodent Waste removal
  • Sanitizing 
  • Heat duct repair and replacement
  • Vapor barrier removal and replacement 
  • Attic and crawlspace cleaning and restoration

Rodent Protection Service:

Our rodent protection service provides one of our experienced Pest Management Professional to maintain exterior protection stations around your home and property as part of our protection program to control rodents before they can re-establish residency in your home. Even after you seal off and repair where the rats and mice have been entering your home the rodents want back in to where their nest site was. The rodents who were living in and around the structure left what are call scent trails (Pheromone). These trails are how rodents know to eat, mate, nest and when danger is ahead, theses trails pretty much tell rats and mice everything they need to know to survive. Theses scent trails can not be erased and can last many years in and around your home. This means the rats and mice will continually try to re-enter their home (your home). This is why on-going rodent protection is so important. Think of it like a security system, but for rats and mice.

In addition to providing an experienced rat exterminator and rat control services for residential and commercial property, we have a rodent abatement program that is efficient to keep your building and construction projects on schedule. Most city’s require rodent abatement before you can tear down your old structure. Please call us today to schedule your rodent abatement service for your construction demolition project.

 Call Eastside Exterminators today to schedule a Rodent Inspection on your home or business, performed by one of our highly trained Rodent Inspectors. 425-318-7799