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What to Ask a Door-to-Door Pest Control Salesperson

An Eastside Exterminator door-to-door salesperson

Even in a worldwide pandemic, they don’t stop knocking.

As the world continues to deal with COVID-19 and its effects, door-to-door salespeople would seem to be completely out of luck. Who wants to answer the door to a stranger during a pandemic? But nothing stops the door-knockers, and we've seen and heard reports of many salespeople knocking on doors, trying to sell pest control to unsuspecting residents. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to handle a door-to-door pest control salesperson. If you need pest control, give us a call at 425-482-2100 today!

Who's really looking out for you? If it seems like everyone is trying to get something for nothing these days, that's because many people are. Scammers have not slowed down in the face of the pandemic—if anything, they have increased their efforts, hoping to prey on people’s fears.

This includes many door-to-door salespeople, who can make big promises and claims when trying to sell you their services. It's a huge advantage to know what to look and listen for when talking to door-to-door salespeople. Below are some of the most important questions to ask a door-to-door pest control salesperson.

1. "How long has your company been operating in this area?"

A common practice in pest control is for a company to start servicing a new state or region, pour a lot of money and effort into acquiring contracts as quickly as possible, and then sell the business to a national company. Door-to-door sales is a popular tactic in this scheme, as it can lead to a lot of new customers in a short amount of time. Ask the salesperson if his or her company's owners have ever sold to a national company in the past. By asking a door-to-door pest control salesperson how long their company has been operating in your specific area, you can weed out johnny-come-latelys and know how committed the salesperson's company is to pest control near you.

2. "Are you personally licensed to treat pests? What is your Washington license number?" 

Anyone trying to sell you their pest control services should be able to provide those services themselves. However, there is a chance that if someone is a good enough salesperson to convince you to buy pest control at your door, then they may not be licensed to treat pests themselves. You can verify a pest control license number at your state’s Department of Agriculture website. Before buying anything from a door-to-door pest control salesperson, make sure they know everything they are talking about and will treat your pest issue personally.

3. "Have you treated homes yourself as a technician, or are you only a salesperson?" 

It's important to know that the person selling you pest control has experience in this service. Bottom line: whoever tries to sell you pest control at your door, it's good to know exactly what experience they have.

Are you looking for a job as a door-to-door pest control salesperson? It’s understandable to want to put your sales experience to use in any way you can. But there are options: our call center is staffed with experienced customer service professionals who receive training and feedback to improve their skills. We are always looking for qualified people to join the Eastside family. If you are interested in a sales job at Eastside, check out our careers page here.

4. "Can you guarantee pests will never get back in?" 

If a salesperson at your door tells you that they can guarantee no pest will re-enter your home after service, then they are lying to you. Pest control companies can guarantee their work for a period of time. But pests are wily and determined, and they may find their way back in if ongoing service ends. Additionally, getting rid of one pest won't necessarily stop a different type of pest from getting in. If anyone tells you they guarantee no pests will ever get back into your house, close the door.

5. "If I want to, can I cancel at any time?" 

Eastside Exterminators does not use contracts – customers may cancel service at any time. A door-to-door pest control salesperson should be able to promise the same level of freedom, so you should not be tied to a long-term contract for any pest control service.

6. "What kind of safety measures do you take in your service and products?”

The safety of your family and home is of the utmost importance, especially as long as COVID-19 is a part of our lives. A salesperson who is willing to knock on your door and try to sell you something in person may not have your safety as a top priority. Additionally, certain pest control products can be harmful to pets, children, and wildlife if not handled properly. Some door-knockers are so eager for a sale, they might overlook or downplay safety concerns.

Eastside Exterminators take your health and safety very seriously, and our technicians take every possible precaution when ensuring your home is protected. You can read more about our COVID-19 safety measures here. We also give customers the option to not use second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides if they choose.

7. "Can you put everything we've talked about in writing?"

Most people keep their verbal promises; some don't. There is no point in finding out the hard way if a door-to-door pest control salesperson is like most people or not. Make sure to get any promises written down for posterity.


In short: If someone comes to your door and promises you the world, it's probably too good to be true. A pest control company will send salespeople door-to-door because it's an effective way to close sales. However, those salespeople don't always have your best interests as a customer at heart. It is important to know what to ask of someone selling you pest control services.

And if you're ever in a situation where you know a salesperson is just trying to make a sale, give Eastside Exterminators a call at 425-482-2100 for our pest control services in the Seattle area. We are more than happy to answer all of these questions for you and any others you have, as well as to treat your home for the pests plaguing your home. 

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