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Your Home’s Not a Picnic — Keep Ants Out For Good With Our Help!

Ants are some of the most difficult pests to get rid of on your own. You think you eliminate all of them, and they always come back the next day. With Eastside Exterminators on your side, you can enjoy an ant-free home for years to come.

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Ant Control in Seattle

Colony of ants in a kitchen.

Ants are a common problem for our area. There are more than 700 ant species in the United States, and about 25 of them are commonly found in homes in the Pacific Northwest region. While generally they are just a nuisance, certain species of ants—like carpenter ants—require professional treatment to prevent major, costly damages.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans for Complete Extermination

Here at Eastside, we utilize a range of products and practices available to deal with serious infestations in a wide variety of situations. Whether it’s exterminating new larvae or eliminating the queen, one of our professional ant exterminators will know exactly what it takes to get rid of ALL colonies in and around your home.

Our ant control includes the following of species:

  • Odorous house ants—more commonly known as “sugar ants” or “little black ants,” these guys are more common in areas where food crumbs are probable. 
  • Carpenter ants—commonly confused with termites, they can also cause significant damage to the structure of your home. Because of their similarities with termites, it’s necessary to know the signs of carpenter ants.
  • Moisture ants—these brownish/goldish-colored ants are usually found in the soil where it’s damp and dark; they will rarely be found above ground.
  • Pavement ants—these ants are also tiny and black, but they tend to stay outside. 

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We Use Family-Friendly Products to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Our work is carried out every step of the way by technicians who are the best at what they do. When it comes to keeping your family and property safe, we will only use products and techniques that are eco- and family-friendly. When you call on Eastside for ant control, you can rely on our exterminators to:

  • Inspect: A pest management professional will conduct a thorough top-to-bottom inspection of your property to assess the extent of the infestation.
  • Identify: Upon tracking down the source of the infestation and any damage done, we’ll determine the ant species you’re dealing with.
  • Treat: We will implement exclusion and prevention techniques as necessary to safely and quickly remove the infestation from your home and ensure they can’t come back.

Techniques Backed by 50+ Years of Experience

We’ve been offering ant control in the Seattle area for over 50 years now, which means we excel at clearing ant infestations with treatments that really work. We use our tried and true techniques and the latest technological advancements side-by-side for a complete solution for our customers.

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Certified and Nationally Recognized Ant Exterminators

We’re proud to be a company comprised of specialized and highly trained technicians. All of our exterminators have had extensive training in their division of work to provide services of the utmost quality for you. When you team up with us at Eastside, you team up with local, certified experts who are members of leading pest control associations that promote dedication, quality, integrity, and more.

Don't Live in Seattle? We Can Still Help!

Don't live within the city limits of Seattle? No problem! We also provide our ant control services to the surrounding areas, which include:

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