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Upgrade Your Insulation, Downgrade Your Utility Bills

Are you struggling with high utility bills because of poor insulation in your home? Even with our mild weather, home insulation service is becoming increasingly important for both summer and winter extremes. Here at Eastside Exterminators, we offer excellent home insulation services in Seattle that will help improve the overall quality of life in your home! Get started with your free estimate today to see what Eastside can do for you!

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Insulation Contractors in Seattle

With just one telephone call to Eastside, you can say goodbye to pricey utility bills and rodent damage. Not only does Eastside Exterminators provide excellent pest control throughout the Greater Seattle Area, but we also offer home insulation service, and attic and crawl space cleaning.

Comprehensive Home Insulation Services

When you call 425-482-2100, we’ll send one of our insulation contractors to your home to identify any insulation issues you’re experiencing, such as inefficiency or damage. Our professional contractors have in-depth training to replace and install the latest insulation solutions for your home. We offer the following insulation services in Seattle:​

  • Crawl space installation and cleanup — We remove debris, mold build-up, repair faulty pipes, screens, and doors, all in order to keep rats and mice away.
  • Attic insulation removal and replacement — We seal air gaps, cracks, and holes, install chutes, and bring electrical wiring up to code.
  • Wall insulation — Reducing heating and cooling costs, improving sound control, and preventing rodent and pest infestations.
  • And more!

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Insulation Products We Utilize

Spray Foam

Spray foam insulation stops drafts and leaks, and make your home more comfortable while reducing your energy bill. It provides more thermal resistance with less material and saves more than 30% in energy per year. We utilize R-7 for Foam and R-3 for Fiberglass. The benefits of installing spray foam insulation in Seattle are:

  • Complete air sealing
  • Reduction of moisture and mold
  • Better air quality
  • Pest and rodent prevention
  • Inhibits sound and noise

Blown-In Insulation

“Blown-in” insulation simply means insulation that is sprayed into the cavities of walls, attics, and floors, rather than cut to size and fit into those spaces. This type of insulation has a shorter installation time, reduced fire risk and noise, and is a way to increase energy savings as well as prevent moisture from coming in. Many forms of insulation are blown in, including: 

  • Loose-fill fiberglass 
  • Spray-in foam 
  • Blow-in cellulose 
  • Formaldehyde-free spray foam 


Insulation Services We Offer

Effective crawl space installation will reduce the amount of energy you use while keeping your home comfortable. Moreover, it will help protect you from more serious home damage in the future. If you’re looking to be proactive and save money at the same time, Eastside offers over 50 years of experience installing insulation in Seattle. 

Crawl Space

Just as we insulate the sides and attics of our homes, we also need to provide crawl space insulation. The installation of effective insulation in your crawl spaces can save you up to 25% on utility expenses. Additionally, it helps seal off areas of your house that may otherwise be accessible to problem animals such as raccoons. 

When your crawlspace is left cluttered and moist, rodents take advantage and build nests. Fortunately, Eastside provides crawl space cleaning in Seattle that will solve these problems. Our expert technicians will get rid of debris and any damaged insulation, as well as sanitize these areas to return them to a state that is clean and safe for your family. With that done, you’ll be ready to follow up with other work such as spray foam insulation services, if necessary.



Not only will insulating your save you money, but it will also protect your family from rodent and wildlife infestations and subsequent damage. Rodents prefer attics, as insulation is a comfortable nesting area, which may bring in fleas, tick, and lice. Protect your family by calling Eastside for attic insulation in Seattle! 

Whether it is cleaning out old insulation, installing new blown-in insulation or just adding a new layer of insulation, Eastside delivers. Our expert insulation contractors have the technological know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to tackle your concerns. Best of all, we will ensure the removal of hazardous waste and contaminated isulation, as well as sanitize and deodorize your attic. 


Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers keep moisture from infiltrating your home. This thin sheet of material protects you from mildew, mold, and wood damage. If you notice peeling paint, standing water after heavy rains, mold and mildew on first-floor walls, or rust and rot in your crawl space, you may need a new vapor barrier.

Exceptional Local Customer Service

Having been family-owned and operated since our founding in 1969, we know what local homeowners need when it comes to insulation. That’s why we offer our customers the most efficient and affordable insulation installation services in the Greater Seattle area. If you are simply overwhelmed by the challenge of finding the best replacement insulation, contact our team of professional technicians today! Our professionally trained and certified technicians will help you determine what steps to take next in order to handle all of your insulation needs with ease today.


Don't Live in Seattle? We Can Still Help!

Don't live in the city limits of Seattle? No worries! We still offer our insulation services to the surrounding areas, which include:

Don't see your neighborhood on this list? Give us a call today at 425-482-2100 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives!

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